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Maxigard Digital and Analog Tachometers
for all Speed Ranges, RPM - FPM - GPM, etc.

B1000 Analog Display, Self Generating (25 - 3,000 RPM)B2000/B2230/B2240 Analog or Digital Display (5 -7,500 RPM) B3000/B3230/B3240 Analog or Digital Display (0.5 -10 RPM)


  • “Altra-GapTM” sensor system operates in dirt, dust, water, chemicals and magnetic partical environments with accuracy and durability.
  • Calibration doesn’t change even with large gap changes 1/8” to 7/8” while running.
  • High visibility digital display.
  • Continuous on-site monitoring of variable speed equipment.
  • Remotely mounted system to monitor distant unseen equipment.
  • By monitoring the driven shaft the user has an accurate reading of actual machine velocity.
  • A complete system


  • Control variable speed drives
  • Volume measurement - GPM, RPM, FPM, etc
  • Measure pump speed & volume
  • Visual display of driven shaft speed
  • Continuous oven conveyors
  • Maintain proper speed of feed rolls of blenders and mixers
1 Download B1000 / B2000 / B3000 Product Data Sheet
pdf Download B2000 Installation Instructions
pdf Download B3000 Installation Instructions
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Digital and Analog Tachometers

Maxigard CDT2000 Hand Held Tachometer
Measures Speed or Length
  • RPM, M/Min, Ft/Min, In/Min
  • LCD display
  • Contact or non contact tip
  • Linear speed/length tip
  • Memory key for Min, Max, and last reading
  • Foam fitted hard plastic carrying case
  • Includes batteries
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Measures Speed or Length