Thermocouples & RTD’s

Maxigard™ CT2000A Temperature Alarm System

Individual Temperature Set Point
Control with Audible Alarm

  • Adjustable set point with LED indicator light
  • 5 amp relay contacts
  • 120 VAC standard power
  • Accepts type J, K, T, E thermocouples (type T standard)
  • Din rail mounting
  • Terminal block
  • Complete system includes: relay temperature modules, thermocouples with grease fitting adapters, auxiliary control relays and enclosure

CT2000A Thermocouples & RTD's

Maxigard™ CT5000 Temperature Switch

Type T Thermocouple Input Standard

  • Accepts type J, K, T & E thermocouples
  • Set point adjust LED indicating light
  • Terminal block connections
  • 5 amp relay contacts
  • AC or DC powered
  • Din rail mounting
  • Bearing temperature monitoring
  • Conveyor belt alignment
  • Oven temperature control
  • Cabinet temperature control
  • Process temperature monitoring

Thermocouples & RTD's